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Helping organizations to create a culture of entrepreneurs and empowered self-directed work teams focused on achieving corporate performance, productivity, quality and financial goals.


At Millennium Associates we believe that success lies in the ability to have a vision, enroll others in the vision and implement the vision to achieve clearly defined and shared results. We believe that success is about setting and achieving goals that promote excellence. We are committed to building the gateway that bridges the gap between creative visionaries and resourceful implementers, merging organizational and individual goals and values, and maximizing both organizational and personal quality of life.

Mission Commitments

Consistent with our mission we are committed to:

Providing a framework for organizational and individual growth through empowerment.
Teaching effective strategic planning on a personal, organizational, local and global community level.
Harnessing the ideas, creativity and contributions of teams and individuals to achieve organizational and individual missions.
Developing optimal potential, growth and profitability of organizations and individuals.